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    Leading Company in modular specialised products

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Adam is a business reality established in 1990 by the surveyor Claudio D’Angelo and today represented by Flavio D’Angelo.

© Adam S.r.l Modular Operating Room

Leader in prefabricated and modular specialised products


The experience gained for years in the field of prefabricated walls has allowed its founders to characterize the company from the beginning for the care given to the product and for its perfect installation. Leader in prefabricated and modular specialised products: operating rooms, hybrid rooms with anti-X protection and control room, intensive care units, neonatal intensive care units and patient rooms.

At the beginning of the 2000s the SALUS wall was born, which was dedicated to the hospital market. This important evolution will allow the company to diversify its reference markets, a feature that will prove to be fundamental in the following years. Next to the office walls market, an increasingly important market is developing in the healthcare sector that will lead the company to carry out over 80 projects in many hospitals only on the national territory.

Since 2001, the company is specialised in prefabricated modular walls applied to “turnkey” operating rooms

Thanks to the opening in 2017 of the new Dubai office, Adam is nowadays one of the Italian companies with the greatest imprinting to export, that can meet every need of its customers and it is ready to deal with all the challenges that the international markets and the flourishing Italian market present.

2020 is a crucial year for the company as it marks the 30th anniversary of its birth and Adam presents itself as a well-established and mature reality, ready to face many other years of growth, success and satisfaction.

Binini Partners

Binini Partners, established in 1996 in Reggio Emilia by Tiziano Binini, works in Italy and in the world in urban planning, architecture and engineering fields, thanks to integrated multidisciplinary professionalism, in order to create public and private works, buildings and infrastructures with creativity, elegance and competence.

Design of the new IRCCS Galeazzi in the Mind Area of Milan

The hospital represents one of the most complex and stimulating challenges for a designer.
The experience gained over the years of research, studies and comparison allows us nowadays to offer original and innovative models, avant-garde solutions to build places that embody and actively participate in the care process, living and vital spaces, that are able to support and foster development, change, exchange and growth, familiar and welcoming places, in step with the most modern theories and technologies and, at the same time, reassuring and on a human scale.

Each of our projects corresponds to the needs for which it was built in an appropriate and sustainable way, it is able to follow the rapid dynamics of technical-scientific progress and approach to treatment and it has the foresight to accept challenges of the present and the future.

Studio Divento

The firm was established at the beginning of 2003 and since then they have been specialising in and construction of Operating Rooms, oriented towards the costumer who needs them or the General Contractor who has to create them.

Studio Divento
© Studio Divento’s Operating Room

Its founder Raniero Lusuardi began this activity in 1994, from that day on dealing exclusively with the Design and Construction of Operating Sectors, High Complexity Environments and Critical Areas, Controlled Bacterial Contamination Environments, typical of Hospitals.

In over 25 years of activity, he has participated in the construction of over 400 Operating Rooms; his professionalism is based on the experience gained, on the knowledge of health requirements concerning Operating Sectors, main technologies that characterize the Modern Operating Rooms, workflows of the staff who work there, with a very broad vision of both the different habits and necessary innovations.


Our containers have a 50-year guarantee.

D-Energy Container

D-ENERGY was born in 2015 by Tiziano Frascoli, a manager with more than 30 years of experience in the plant engineering field.
D-ENERGY offers solutions for the construction of prefabricated buildings for different applications; it coordinates and develops all the activities of management, engineering, procurement, installation, putting into service and on-site supervision of the installation for the supply of modular prefabricated buildings, of any size, complete with all auxiliary services such as: continuity systems, Air Conditioning / Pressurization and chemical filtration systems, Smoke, gas and fire detection system and extinguishing system, electrical systems, anti-intrusion systems and CCTV.

D-ENERGY’s aim is to guarantee, thanks to its research and development structure, the best standards of quality, safety and performance.

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